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Gaby's Story


Gaby was born at 37 weeks to a Type 1 diabetic mother. She was already considered a high risk pregnancy when doctors found a lymphatic growth on her right leg. Soon after birth we found that she also had growths on her right facial cheek, her back, right buttock and leg. She was diagnosed with congenital facial lipomatosis and lymphatic malformations and underwent 13 sclerotherapy treatments, that were not responsive. After finding a smaller right kidney and failed treatments, we looked for answers elsewhere. We finally discovered CLOVES Syndrome and asked Boston's VAC to review her case and were given a correct diagnosis in August 2013. We are now currently awaiting a trip to Boston from Texas to get Gaby the attention she needs and deserves. Gaby started kindergarten this year and LOVES to learn and go to school. She is one of the strongest kids and has such a good sense of humor she will having you laughing for hours.

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