Terms often associated with Proteus/CLOVES syndrome compiled by Susan Beachler and others.

ADIPOSE - pertaining to fat
ALVEOLAR RIDGES- the part of the jaw containing the tooth sockets
ANAEROBIC- able to live without oxygen
ANISOCORIA - unequal pupil size
ANKYLOSIS - stiff joint
ANOMALY- not normal
ANTERIOR - before; in front of
ARTERIOVENOUS MALFORMATION (AVM) - Abnormal connection between arteries and surrounding veins
ASYMMETRY- both sides not alike; not symmetrical

BILATERAL - relating to two sides
BRAIN MALFORMATIONS - anomalies in/arising from the brain

CAFE-AU-LAIT - pale brown areas on the skin
CARIOUS - tooth decay
CAVERNOUS MALFORMATION - mulberry shaped abnormal blood vessels in brain and spinal cord. Can also happen on skin.
CHALONES - a substance that regulates cell division
CHOROID - dark brown vascular coat of the eye
CHOROIRETINITIS - inflammation of the choroid and retina
CLINICAL - founded on actual observation or treatment
CLINODACTYLY - permanent deflection of one or more fingers
CONGENITAL - present at birth
CRANIAL HEMIHYPERTROPHY- increased muscular bulk on one side of the skull
CRANIOSYNOSTIS - premature closure of skull bones
CREATINE KINASE - enzyme present in skeletal and cardiac muscle and the brain
CUTANEOUS - on skin

DANDY-WALKER CYST -- congenital hydrocephalus caused by a blockage in the brain
DELINEATED -- outlined
DEPIGMENTATION -- loss of pigment; partial or complete
DOLICHOCEPHALY -- a long front to the back diameter of the skull
DYSPNEA -- labored breathing

EMBOLIZATION - Minimally invasive procedure performed by interventional radiologist to close abnormal blood vessels using fine tubes introduced thru the groin
EPIBULBAR - located on the eyeball
EPITHELIUM - skin (epidermis & mucous membranes)
EXOSTOSIS - a bony growth that grows on a bone

HALLUX - the great toe
HAMARTOMA - a benign tumor
HAMARTONEOPLASTIC - a building of benign tumors
HEMANGIOMA - a benign tumor of the large blood vessels
HEMIHYPERTROPHY - half of the body size increase
HEMI-MEGALENCEPHALY - half of the brain is larger
HETEROCHROMIA IRIDES - different eye colors
HIRSUTISM - excessive growth of hair in unusual places
HYPERKERATOSIS - overgrowth of skin or tumors made of keratin (tough protein found in hair and nails)
HYPERKERATOTIC LESION - overgrowth of cornea
HYPEROSTOSIS - overgrowth of bone
HYPERPIGMENTED - extra color in the skin
HYPERTROPHY - increased size of an organ or the body

INFERIOR - below

KYPHOSIS - curving of the spine that causes bowing in the back
KYPHOSCOLIOSIS - curvature of the spine with humpback

LINEAR - a line
LIPOMA - a fatty tumor/overgrowth
LORDOSCOLIOSIS - forward curve of the spine with lateral curve
LYMPHATIC MALFORMATION (LM) - a sponge like collection of abnormal channels and cystic spaces that contain clear lymphatic fluid

MACROCEPHALY - abnormally large head
MACRODACTYLY - abnormally large fingers and toes
MACRO-ORCHIDISM - abnormally large testicles
MACULE - flat discolored spot on the skin
MEGALOPODIA - abnormally large feet
METATARSALS - bones just behind the toes
MICROPHTHALMIA - abnormally small eyes
MORBIDITY - the incidence of ill health

NEOPLASM - tumor or growth
NEOPLASTIC - the nature of abnormal tissue
NEVI - (plural of nevus) a mole or birthmark
NYSTAGMUS - constant, involuntary, cyclical movement of the eyeball

PALATE - roof of the mouth
PALLOR - lack of color
PAPILLOMA - benign tumor without blood vessels
PHLEBECTASIA - dilated veins
PLANTAR HYPERPLASIA - extra thick skin on the soles of feet
POLMORPHOUS - occurring in more than one form
PORT WINE STAIN - purple-red birthmark
POSTERIOR - toward the back
PROTEUS - a Greek god- a polymorphous who could change his shape at will to escape capture
PTOSIS - drooping of the eyelid
PULMONARY EMBOLISM - blockage of the lung arteries from a blood clot that breaks loose from the limb veins


SCOLIOSIS - curvature of the spine
SHAGREEN - leathery
STRABISMUS - straying eye
SUPERIOR - higher or above
SYNDACTYLY - webbed fingers or toes

TELANGIECTASIS - a vascular lesion of the blood vessels-looks like a birthmark
TRUNCAL - related to the abdomen or chest

VARICOSITIES - distended, swollen, knotted veins
VASCULAR ANOMALIES - comprehensive info from Children's Hospital Boston
VERRUCOUS EPIDERMAL - wart like skin
VISCERAL - internal organs, especially abdominal

WHORLED - a spiral arrangement

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