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cloves awareness day
July 22, 2016
Please join us in spreading awareness about CLOVES Syndrome on August 3rd.Check out our Awareness Page on our website for ways to help us to spread awareness about this very rare...
genetic mosaic
March 17, 2015
Our genes can mutate at any point in our lives. In rare cases, a mutation randomly occurs in a single cell of an embryo and gets carried forward only in the descendants of that...
contact registry
October 12, 2014
The CLOVES Syndrome Community contact registry will be used to inform individuals with CLOVES Syndrome and their guardians about:discoveries about CLOVES Syndrome that may impact...
"Incredible You" Book
March 11, 2014
This book was created by author Lindsay Passodelis, in collaboration with CLOVES Syndrome Community. This book is geared towards kids who are between the ages of 8 and 13 years...
cloves awareness bracelet
January 16, 2014
Kennedy's Cause created this CLOVES awareness bracelet in honor of people with CLOVES Syndrome. $5 from each purchase will go to CLOVES Syndrome Community. Please check out their...