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Austin is a sixteen year old with a heart of gold. He is an old soul.
Lindsay is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and is studying social work.
Giovanni has a had a hard life but he is a fighter. He has amazed us all and is a miracle baby. We love him very much.
Ryan is diagnosed with CLOVES Syndrome.
Aedan is an amazing 21 month old with two major surgeries coming up...
Gaby started kindergarten this year and LOVES to learn and go to school.
Emaleigh was born at Virginia Baptist Hospital after only 28 weeks
In March 2010 our second son Mats was born at 33 weeks in the university clinic of Antwerp, Belgium
Due to increased amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios), Sharee was born at 32 weeks gestation rather than the usual 40 weeks
Our third son Samuel was born in April 2009, right around 40 weeks
Each of us has one hero whom we can look up to during the course of our lives

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