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The top ten things we learned at CLOVES Family Camp

August 15, 2018

It's been just over a month since we returned home from our first CLOVES Family Camp and we're still thinking about what fun we had!  It was truly a wonderful experience being able to meet and visit with new and old friends, to relax and connect on a beautiful lake and to enjoy each other's company.   The laughter at camp was plentiful.  

CLOVES Family Camp was made possible due to a generous grant from The Finlay Foundation, the programming, staff and in-kind support of Zebra Crossings and the financial generosity of several donors who were committed to making this dream become a reality.  

We wanted to share the Top Ten Things we learned at CLOVES Family Camp with you, as well as share feedback from the first families who attended. 

1 - Give kids a sand pit and they will be entertained for hours.

2 - Yes it is possible to make a rubber chicken fly.

3 - It is so important to make time for fun and relaxation. 

4 - Tweener is a game, that is not about tweens, but it might make you dizzy and very, very competitive. 

5 - Zebra Crossings staff are so very awesome and so much fun!!

6 - Adults and parents need ample time and opportunities to connect and decompress with one another.  

7 - Even in the rain, it is still possible to have have an epic campfire and talent show.  

8 - Taking risks and trying new things help us all to grow and learn.  

9 - The location and facility - nestled in the woods of New Hampshire on a lake - was welcoming, warm and beautiful. 

10 - Our meals were prepared by a chef and were so fresh and delicious!  

What kids and families are saying about CLOVES Family Camp

"The accommodations were fantastic."

"I no longer feel so alone."

"All the staff were super attentive to the needs of those who participated in camp. My son spent an unforgettable weekend. My family and I enjoyed the presence and shared experiences with others."

"This event has touched my heart and I have learned so much meeting others that are going through the same situation." 

"The people were the best part."

"Zebra Crossings did a fantastic job!! They were so helpful and encouraging the entire time. I only wish we could have all stayed longer."

"I enjoyed all the activities and our group talks.  I found everyone to be so helpful. It was great exchanging information from other parents. I learned a lot at camp from everyone. I truly appreciate all of them."

"I had FUN!!!!"

"Attending CLOVES Family Camp was a fun, positive, new experience for our family.  It was such a special time and we look forward to doing it again."

"I loved the rock wall!"

"Very relaxing, fun times, and great memories!"

"CLOVES family camp is the perfect way to meet and get encouragement from other families. Camp is an easy way to relax, learn and grow. It’s a laid back weekend meant specifically to help families meet and share a little bit of life together."

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