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Board of Directors

Brenda J. Alexander

Brenda joined the CLOVES SYNDROME COMMUNITY online before it became a formal organization in the summer of 2011. She participated in small-scale fundraising efforts for CLOVES patients since 2002. In March 2011, Brenda became more actively involved in the CLOVES community through the CLOVES family conference held at Children’s Hospital Boston. Brenda is a certified Elementary and Special Needs Teacher. She previously worked in public elementary schools in Massachusetts as a Special Education Teacher with young students identified with learning disabilities. Currently, Brenda sits on her local school committee as its vice-chairperson. Brenda has lived in Massachusetts and Maine with her husband John, daughter Callie, and son Ben.


Emily Burgess
Vice Chair of the Board, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Emily's daughter Anna Grace (5) was diagnosed with CLOVES at the HVMC at Cincinatti Children's Hospital.  During this time, Emily and her Adam, found CLOVES Syndrome Community, and became interested in advocating for their daughter. Emily has a graduate of Limestone College with a degree in Psychology.  Emily served on the CLOVES Syndrome Community Family Advisory Council before becoming a Board Member.  A stay at home mom, she enjoys being with her family and teaching dance classes a few days a week.  


Adrienne Davis Guier

Adrienne joined the CLOVES SYNDROME COMMUNITY in October of 2011. She has participated in various CLOVES events since 2002. Adrienne is a Personal Assistant and Nanny for a family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She volunteers regularly at her daughter's elementary school and also volunteers at Tulsa Girls Art School. Adrienne lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband Shawn, and daughters Mackenzie and Makayla.


Kristen Davis
Chair of Board of Directors

Kristen Davis started the CLOVES Syndrome Community website in 2009, after her daughter Riley was diagnosed with CLOVES. At that time, no formal organization existed to support families with a loved one with this rare syndrome.  Kristen is an advocate for people affected by rare diseases and chronic illnesses and enjoys collaborating with other organizations for people with complex vascular anomaly syndromes. Additionally, Kristen loves learning how current social media trends are affecting health care and patient advocacy.  Her educational background is in Social work, social justice and English. Past volunteer roles include Advisory Committee submissions reviewer for the Rare Children’s Storybook Project and Member of the Children's Hospital Boston Family Advisory Council (FAC).  

Kristen lives in Maine, with her husband Marc, son Cole and daughter Riley.  


Lindsey Godar

Board Member, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Lindsey is from St. Louis Missouri and has two sons Austin (17) and Zack (14).  She connected with the CLOVES Community in 2013 when doctors suggested that Austin (originally diagnosed at birth with KTS) may in fact have CLOVES Syndrome.  After biopsies and reviewing all of Austin’s records doctors at Boston Childrens Hospital confirmed his new diagnosis.  We’ve since travelled to Boston for two of the CLOVES Conferences. 

She is a senior sales rep for a distributor of packaging and shipping supplies called Tripack.  She’s worked at Tripack for the last 17 years and also assists in the purchasing for the company.  When she isn’t selling boxes she enjoys spending time with her boys.  Zack plays select baseball and their summers are mostly spent at the ball fields.  She has been advocating on behalf of her rare gem for many years now and is excited for the opportunity to do even more with CLOVES Syndrome Community.  


Ashley McNamara

Ashley joined the CLOVES SYNDROME COMMUNITY during the process of becoming a formal organization in the summer of 2011. She has participated in small-scale fundraising efforts for CLOVES patients since 2002. Ashley is a certified public accountant.  She was previously the Director of Accounting at an oil and gas company and a Senior Audit Manager at an international accounting firm. Ashley lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband Steve and children, Loretta and Van.

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