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Genetic testing guidance from M-CM Network Website 

Genetic testing for CLOVES Syndrome/PROS is more complicated than traditional genetic testing.  Many heathcare providers are still unfamiliar with it.  


Visual of the common genetic mutations for Vascular Anomalies and Vascular Anomaly Syndromes - Arin Greene et al 2018.


Visual created by the National Institutes of Health to help explain PIK3ca mutations and overgrowth. [March 20, 2017] 


July 2014 --- Clinical Genetic Test available via Washington University  
This test must be ordered by a geneticist/physician. This is somatic variant analysis by next-generation sequencing for Segmental Overgrowth, McCune Albright (SOMA) and related syndromes. The test includes concise, expert interpretations by board-certified clinical genomicists and is covered by most insurance.


NIH Ongoing Research for PIK3ca mutations:

The National Institutes of Health does research testing of patients with all kinds of overgrowth.

If you'd like to learn more, contact Anna Buser at  or by phone at 301-435-6689.

More information here


CLOVES Genetic Mutation Discovery (5/31/12)

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital identify a genetic cause for CLOVES

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