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Four Leaf Clovers - A book for young children with CLOVES 


The story of Four Leaf Clovers draws parallels between children with CLOVES Syndrome and those without, focusing on acceptance, inclusion, and diversity. Four Leaf Clovers strives to not only illustrate acceptance but to shine a light on some simple ways being different can have its benefits. While it was written with CLOVES Syndrome in mind, Four Leaf Clovers is truly a story about embracing differences of all kinds.  The age range for this book is approximately 8 and under, but the message is for people of all ages!

Suggested donation to cover the cost of printing the book + shipping in the US is $25

If you'd like to buy this book and have it shipped internationally, please email us at for a price quote

If you'd like a book, but cannot afford it, please email us at the address above.

To purchase this book,  just make a donation of $25 and put a note in the notes section that says Four Leaf Clovers.


Incredible You - A Book for Kids with CLOVES

This book was created by author Lindsay Passodelis, in collaboration with CLOVES Syndrome Community. This book is geared towards kids who are between the ages of 8 and 13 years old, and is suitable for kids with CLOVES, their friends, and family members.

In this book you will meet Kate, a ten year old with CLOVES Syndrome. You will read about Kate's medical experiences, how she talks about CLOVES, her friendships, how she copes and how she loves to have fun.

There are three ways to access this resource

1 - Suggested donation for this book is $25, to cover our costs to print and ship. If you put a check in the mail, enclose a note with how many copies of the book you would like.

Donation options here

If you'd like a copy and cannot afford the $25 suggested donation, please contact us at, as a generous donor has provided us with the ability to gift a limited number of copies to people with CLOVES.

2 - You can also buy copies directly from Blurb here.  This is a great option if you'd like multiple copies as we have limited printed stock in our office.  

3 - Print out the PDF of this book for free.  




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