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Four Leaf Clovers - A book for young children with CLOVES

The story of Four Leaf Clovers draws parallels between children with CLOVES Syndrome and those without, focusing on acceptance, inclusion, and diversity. Four Leaf Clovers strives to not only illustrate acceptance but to shine a light on some simple ways being different can have its benefits. While it was written with CLOVES Syndrome in mind, Four Leaf Clovers is truly a story about embracing differences of all kinds. The age range for this book is approximately 8 and under, but the message is for people of all ages!

Four Leaf Clovers was written by Lauren Beaureguard, in collaboration with Kristen Davis, Executive Director of CLOVES Syndrome Community, and beautifully illustrated by artist Kate Fitzpatrick.

Suggested donation to cover the cost of printing the book + shipping in the US is $25. If you'd like to donate an extra $25, so someone who cannot afford the book, receives one, please do so!
If you'd like to buy this book and have it shipped internationally, please email us at [email protected] for a price quote.

If you'd like a book for your child, but cannot afford it, please email us at the address above to discuss options.

To purchase this book, just make a donation of $25 and put a note in the notes section that says Four Leaf Clovers and/or a donation of $50 with a note that says Four Leaf Clovers + donation.

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