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Thanks to the Padilla Family

The Padilla Family shares why they volunteer and raise money forĀ CLOVEs Syndrome Community.

CSC is very special to our hearts, as our son Victor has CLOVES Syndrome. We started fundraising and donating to the CLOVES Syndrome Community a few years in hopes of making a difference in the lives of some very special people, including our son. Not only do they help struggling families with CLOVES Syndrome, they donate money to research that will one day directly impact my son.

Although it is a lot of work to hold a fundraising event, it is nice to meet so many businesses that care enough to help out, and donate either to an auction item or to hold at their place of business. It is so rewarding in so many ways. Fundraising and donating to CLOVES Syndrome gives us a way of coping. Jerry is in the mortgage business as a loan officer and has decided to donate money to the CSC from every closing. Not only does Jerry feel great giving back to this wonderful community, but it also makes his clients feel good, that they are in a way contributing to giving back as well. Even if it is just a small donation amount, or a change cup at the front desk at your employment or business, any business can do so much to give back to this community.

There are so many different ways of giving back and fundraising as well. A little effort goes much further than no effort at all. Yes, the struggle in dealing with this syndrome is real, but I won't take Victor being a victim to this disease, he is a hero that is making a difference.

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