Board of Directors

Joe Barclay
Board Member, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Joe joined CLOVES Syndrome Community in October 2019. With 16 years of business management experience, Joe has helped build industry leading renewable energy firms. Joe is currently Chief Operating Officer at Greenlight Energy Group, LLC, the first WBE-certified renewable energy provider in the U.S., and founder and CEO of Orion Renewable Energy Trading Group LLC, the largest provider of renewable energy certificates to the Federal government. Joe has also held senior management positions with leading global renewable energy and carbon market firms. Joe brings his dedication and passion for growing businesses to CLOVES Syndrome Community and lives in Brooklyn with his partner Kelly and her daughter Grace.

Kyle Capossela
Board Member, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Kyle first learned of CLOVES after his nephew was diagnosed with it in 2019. The CLOVES Syndrome Community has helped educate his family about the disease and informed them of ways to help. He became associated with the CSC by becoming a volunteer in 2020. Kyle joined the Board of CSC in March 2022. He hopes CLOVES Syndrome Community can contribute to finding a cure for CLOVES and other rare diseases. Kyle is a Commercial Banker and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steve Handel
Secretary of the Board of Directors, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Steve joined CLOVES Syndrome Community in February of 2022. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at, a mission-driven company helping Seniors and their caregivers find long-term care. Steve has extensive leadership and management experience leading operations, strategy, sales, and marketing teams across a wide range of industries. He is passionate about helping the CLOVES Syndrome Community find ways to magnify their critical impact on our community.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Dayton and a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on corporate strategy from The Ohio State University. He lives in Fort Mill, SC with his wife, April, and two boys, Noah (6) and Finn (4).

Ashley McNamara
Treasurer of the Board, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Ashley joined CLOVES Syndrome Community during the process of becoming a formal organization in the summer of 2011.   Ashley is a Certified Public Accountant.  She has held various accounting positions and currently works full time as a Financial Reporting Manager for an oil and gas company.  Ashley lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband Steve and children, Loretta and Van.

Irina Pivneva
Board Member, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Irina joined the CLOVES Syndrome Community (CSC) board in February 2022. She holds a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience and hopes that her experience in healthcare research would be helpful to the CSC. Although originally from Turkmenistan, Irina currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her partner and two daughters, one of whom has CLOVES. CSC has provided the much needed access to information and support for Irina and her family.

Sara Robertson
Chair of the Board of Directors, CLOVES Syndrome Community

Sara is from Austin, TX and joined the CSC board in October 2019. The CLOVES community has played a crucial role in her family’s lives ever since they were told “I think your son has CLOVES, the good news is there’s a very strong community.” Sara’s hope is that everyone with a rare disease can find strength and support in a community for them.  Sara is Senior Vice President, production at Austin PBS and an active member of her community. Her most cherished role is as partner to husband Jeremy and mom to their children Sebastian and Ryder.