Family Assistance Program

The CLOVES Syndrome Community Family Assistance Program provides financial relief to families impacted by CLOVES Syndrome. We are a community that understands CLOVES Syndrome and the associated financial burdens. Our mission with the CSC Family Assistance program is to alleviate some of the costs associated with medical care, medical-related travel, and other CLOVES-related needs.

To qualify you for this assistance program, you or your child must be:

  • Diagnosed with CLOVES Syndrome

Financial assistance must be associated with the treatment, travel, medically needed equipment or expenses unique to an individual living with CLOVES Syndrome.

Some examples of qualifying requests are below, but are not limited to:

  • Costs associated with travel and lodging for medical treatment
  • Cost of medical equipment associated with the treatment of CLOVES Syndrome
  • Medical expenses from co-pays/deductibles
  • Costs associated with genetic testing¬†
  • CLOVES Conference related costs

Additionally, CSC, at the discretion of its Board of Directors, may grant awards under the Family Assistance Program related to extenuating expenses that are unique to an individual living with CLOVES Syndrome.  

Applications will be reviewed by our Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting. If you express an URGENT need, the board will aim to review within one week of receipt of a complete application.

Apply here for the Family Assistance Program.