Finding well fitting and appropriate footwear can be a huge challenge for people living with CLOVES.  Our shoe resources page includes shoe providers to purchase two sizes of shoes, shoe modifications, adaptive/non-traditional footwear and 3D printed shoes.

CLOVES Syndrome Community Shoe Work Group – join us! 

We’re developing a workgroup to discuss, brainstorm and advocate for shoe related needs for people with CLOVES.  We anticipate beginning work on this project at the end of August 2020.  Please sign up if you are interested and we will be in touch! 

Companies that provide adaptive/non traditional shoes and extra wide shoes:

Modified and Custom Shoes:


Companies that sell two different sizes of shoes:

Shoe brands that come in Extra Wide and beyond:

  • Sketchers
  • Champion
  • New Balance
  • Ecco
  • Clark’s 

Email us at [email protected] to add a shoe resource suggestion that has worked well for you.