We are very grateful for the help and support from CLOVES Syndrome Community. The journey through this diagnosis has not been an easy one. Almost every aspect of our life has become complicated. But CSC has been a major support and help in getting knowledge and experience from each of the CLOVES families, the screening guidelines and of course the financial assistance.”

– CLOVES Family

CSC has been a lifeline to our family.

– CLOVES Family

CSC’s culture truly feels like a COMMUNITY, not an organization.  It feels intentionally inclusive and this allows for people to participate and benefit in ways that are most comfortable for them.

– Mom of a child with CLOVES

CLOVES Syndrome Community has been a saving grace for our son. We likely wouldn’t be aware of treatment options currently available, or have the screenings that have helped us to stay on top of his care and give him the best life we can, had CSC not existed!  We have met so many amazing families through this community that have given us so much hope for our son’s future.  This community is bonded and is stronger together in the struggle to make our needs known and more treatment options possible.  This organization is beyond a blessing and we are so grateful for all of the information and support that comes from this amazing organization.

– Jenny