$20,000 Research Donation

Thanks to your support and our successful Fall 2018 Fundraising efforts, we’ve made another research donation.

On February 27, 2019 we donated $20,000 to Canaud Lab for their continued work on CLOVES/PROS. This donation will be used for the creation of animal models to test PIK3CA inhibitors and to study PIK3CA related overgrowth physiopathology.
A note from Dr. Canaud to share with our supporters and community is below:

“Our group is so proud to be supported by the CLOVES Syndrome community. Thanks to you, we are making rapid and important progress on the understanding of the PIKC3A Related Overgrowth Syndrome physiopathology. We hope to share these results with you very soon. We express our gratitude to all the community and we look forward to seeing you this June in Boston! “

We’ll be setting our CLOVES research priorities for the next year very soon. Stay tuned for more details about those initiatives in the coming months.