Spreading awareness for CLOVES Awareness Day

For this year’s CLOVES Awareness Day on August 3rd, we wanted to share the voices of our community.  We asked our community to share challenges, worries and what matters most to them.   We believe that your opinion matters and that by amplifying the voices of people with CLOVES and their families, we can create meaningful change.   Your persistence and determination is critical in the path to treatments for CLOVES. 

Our community answered a series of prompts including:

The most challenging aspect of living with CLOVES is….

I want doctors and researchers to know…..

What matters most to me is…..

If a treatment can help ________, it would make a meaningful impact on our lives.

We’ve created a series of 35 images available here for you to share and download. 

Thank you for helping us to spread awareness for CLOVES Syndrome!